Members from the executive committee come from different areas of expertise and businesses. They bring their expertise and their personal network.

Conrad Fritzsche

Mail to Conrad Fritzsche

Conrad Fritzsche grew up in a doctor's household and studied law in Zurich. He spent 4 years at the District Court of Horgen and subsequently worked as a lawyer in the legal department of Credit Suisse for 28 years. Retired early in 2016, he is pleased to use his broad network of contacts to further advance the foundation. As the happy father of 3 adult, healthy children, Conrad Fritzsche wants to help improve the chances of cure for children suffering from cancer - by supporting childhood cancer research.


Board, Medical Advisor   

Mail to Felix Niggli

Felix Niggli is director of the children’s oncology clinic at the university childrens hospital, Zurich. After graduating and university specialisation he worked for years as a senior physician at the same hospital and at the childrens hospital Birminham (UK). He obtained his post-doctorate degree in 2000 and since 2006 Prof. Niggli he is a honorary professor at the university of Zurich. While at the same time he is member of the Cancer League and the SPOG (Swiss Peadiatric Oncology Group) and closely works with Oncosuisse and other foundations he has a wide network.


Board, Medical Advisor    

Mail to Jeanette Greiner

Dr. Jeanette Greiner studied medicine at the university of Basel and passed the examen in 1985. She worked as an assistant physician in medical rehabilitation in Gais, at the Ostschweizer Kinderspital, St. Gallen and at the university childrens hospital in Zurich. As a senior physician she was working at the childrens hospitals of St. Gallen and St. Anna in Vienna. Scientific reviews she completed in St. Gallen.

Since 2002 she is heading the center of haematology and oncology at the Ostschweizer Kinderspital (OKS) where she is responsible for the whole oncology team. Else she is leading the palliative care team. Major priority of her work are coagulation and thrombosis – especially thrombosis occuring in the course of lymphatic leucemia.

Patric Gschwend


Mail to Patric Gschwend

Patric Gschwend, Dipl. El. Ing. FH is married and has one daughter that was born 2002 and dignosed with a brain tumor. He is working at Thales Rail Signalling Solutions AG previously worked for Alcatel-Lucent AG.

Due to the severe illness of his daugter he has been involved in the topic of childhood cancer since more than 10 years. For him research plays an important role to increase the chance to cure now and in the future. Besides on being on the board he also is engaged with the board of the parents association (Vereinigung zur Unterstützung krebskranker Kinder) and supports the exchange between both organisations.    


Board, Financials

Mail to Michèle Vestner

Michèle Vestner was born and grew up in Rapperswil-Jona. After her education at SBB and longer stays in Canada she changed into the world of finance. Else she studied business economics with a focus on Banking & Finance at ZHAW Winterthur.

In 2009 her 20-year-old sister was diagnosed with cancer what she died from a short time after. This dramatic experience raised her awareness for the support of childhood cancer research.


Mail to Andrea Steiner

Andrea Steiner grew up in Southern Germany and studied law at the universities of Freiburg/Breisgau and Basel. For 26 years she worked at the legal department of a major Swiss bank in Zurich. After early retirement she took over the role of a legal expert at a leading consultancy firm.

Her sister died of leukaemia as an adult. Andrea Steiner is committed to support childhood cancer research as to provide better therapies and chances to be healed to children and young adults.


Board, Marketing

Mail to Luzius Weber

Born and raised in Bülach (ZH) Luzius Weber finished school and studied in Zurich and Zaragoza (Spain) German and Spanish literature and language. Following his examen he acted as an editor for professional magazines and the economic review of CASH published by Ringier. Since 2007 Luzius Weber acts as the director internal communication at Migros Cooperatives in Zurich. He takes care of 94‘000 employees in more than 50 group companies having access to relevant business information. Since December 2014 he also represents Migros as the media spokesman (Dir. external communication). Luzius Weber is married and has three sons. 


Please adress all of your questions and remarks in regard to project funding and donations to our administration.

Executive Director

Mail to Franziska Derungs

After she finished her medical education FranziskaDerungs worked several years at the childrens university hospital Zurich.

Later she worked for several foundations as Prof.Max Cloëtta-Stiftung or Stiftung Lotte + Willi Günthart-Maag and as an executive director formed and strengthened the Make-a-wish-Foundation Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe.
Sinse 1997 she is the executive director of the childhood cancer research foundation (Stiftung Kinderkrebsforschung Schweiz).

Erhart von Ammon Portrait 150_160


Mail to Erhart v. Ammon

Following a medical education Erhart von Ammon since more than 20 years is committed to digital and multi channel communication. His concepts aim at reaching out to properly selected target groups.  Within the foundation he is responsible for publications of any kind, the online- and social media communication as well as for some of the fundraising and events planning.    


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